Research – List of Papers


Condra, Luke N. and Austin L. Wright. “Civilians, Control, and Collaboration during Civil Conflict.” International Studies Quarterly (forthcoming).

Condra, Luke N. and Sera Linardi. 2019. “Casual Contact and Ethnic Bias: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan.” The Journal of Politics 81 (3): 1028-1042. Online Appendix. [Replication data].

Condra, Luke N., Michael Callen, Radha K. Iyengar, James D. Long, and Jacob N. Shapiro. 2019. “Damaging Democracy? Security Provision and Turnout in Afghan Elections.” Economics & Politics 31 (2): 163-193. Online Appendix.

Condra, Luke N., Mohammad Isaqzadeh, and Sera Linardi. 2019. “Clerics and Scriptures: Experimentally Disentangling the Influence of Religious Authority in Afghanistan.” British Journal of Political Science 49 (2): 401-419. Online Appendix. [Replication data]. (Published online 2017)
-Co-winner of the Kellogg/Notre Dame Award for best paper in comparative politics presented at the Midwest Political Science Association’s Annual Conference.

Condra, Luke N., James D. Long, Andrew C. Shaver, and Austin L. Wright. 2018. “The Logic of Insurgent Electoral Violence.” American Economic Review 108 (11): 3199-3231. Online Appendix. [Replication data].

Condra, Luke N. and Jacob N. Shapiro. 2012. “Who Takes the Blame? The Strategic Effects of Collateral Damage.” American Journal of Political Science 56 (1): 167-187. Online Appendix. [Replication data].

Work in Progress

“Let’s Make a Deal: Oil, Revenue Sharing, and Ethnic Group Rebellion in Civil War.” Working paper. Revise and resubmit, African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review.

Scandals and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” (with Austin Wright). Working paper.

Political Consequences of Fear” (with Austin Wright and Stephen Stapleton). Working paper.

“Perils of the Periphery: State Weakness and Ethnic Group Rebellion in African Civil Wars.” Working paper.

Civilian Abuse and Wartime Informing” (with Austin WrightJacob N. Shapiro, and Andrew Shaver). Working paper.

Police Shootings and Citizen Cooperation” (with Austin Wright). Working paper.

Community Monitors vs. Leakage: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan” (with Eli BermanMichael CallenMitch Downey, Tarek Ghani, and Mohammad Isaqzadeh). Working paper.

Insurgent Math: The Impact of Civilian Casualties in the Afghan Insurgency” (with Joseph H. FelterRadha K. Iyengar, and Jacob N. Shapiro). NBER Working Paper 16152. Revised June 2011.
-Coverage: Mark Thompson, “McChrystal’s Rules Helped Reduce Attacks, Study Says,” (July 22, 2010); Spencer Ackerman, “Civilian Casualties Create New Enemies, Study Confirms,” (July 6, 2010).